We believe that it's possible to make great products at a reasonable price while running a sustainable business. We take every step possible to minimize our effect on the environment and reduce the negative effects of fast fashion.

The fashion and costume jewelry industry poses a big threat to the environment. The majority of new jewelry brands prioritize cheaply made brass products in order to increase margins, despite the low durability, tarnishing properties, and unethical production practices.


Our Precious Stones

We use certified Swarovski lab made diamonds for our jewelry with mounted stones. Real diamonds are fictitiously made more expensive, and have been inflated in price in order for big monopolies to make more money ever since the 1940s. Real diamonds also require many more resources to produce, and their obscure economy leads to shady business practices, unethical working conditions, and blood diamonds.

Our Metals

We only work with fine Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and Solid Gold. We avoid using cheap materials such as brass because of its tarnishing properties and lack of durability. We believe in making pieces that will last you a lifetime.


Our factories use recycled materials wherever we can. Scrap materials are reused for casting for at least 3-4 production cycles before being recycled. No lead, nickel, or any harmful materials are used in any process of making our jewelry.


In the traditional fashion industry, higher price point doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. Major distributors and jewelry powerhouses rely on insane markups to make a profit. By avoiding the middleman we are able to charge affordable prices for amazing quality products.

Our Boxes

Every gift box we use is 100% recycle-able. We use the minimum amount of packaging in every order. A gift box is included with your purchase but if it makes sense to combine multiple pieces in one box, we will do it in order to avoid unnecessary packaging waste. If you specifically need every item to come individually boxes then you must make a note of it or reach out to us.

Our Packaging

99% of online businesses use traditional single use poly mailers. These are only used once then end up in a landfill. Our mailers are 100% compostable meaning they naturally decompose and leave behind no chemicals or waste. They can also be used several times if need be. We've designed our whole packaging experience to be zero waste.